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Can I invest without a broker? My short answer to this question...

The world of securities, although quite understandable, nevertheless requires certain skills. Thus, the purchase and sale of most securities takes place on special exchanges, and brokers are required for activities. But, many often think about whether it is possible to invest without a broker, and also what consequences this entails. I want to note right away that it is possible to invest without a broker, but is it safe, the question remains open. Below I will talk about how you can invest without a broker and the features of such an investment.

How to invest without a broker: the basics

Brokers in the securities environment are none other than intermediaries. Of course, brokers have all the necessary certificates and permits, and their very activity opens access to the securities exchange. So, the investor will need to conclude an agreement with one of these brokers and after that buy or sell shares.

Of course, many do not want to contact brokers for a number of reasons, so you can often meet requests on how to invest without a broker. If you do not go into details, then if we talk about securities that are not traded on the exchange, no brokers are needed. So, brokers act as intermediaries only in the case of investors who are going to conduct their activities on the exchanges.

But here it is worth adding that if we are not talking about investing in securities, but about any other types of investment activities, then most of these methods do not require an agreement with a broker. We are talking, of course, about such investment areas as trade cryptocurrency, HYIPs, investment in currency and others ways of earning.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that the participation of a broker is necessary mainly when investing in securities. Let's consider whether it is possible to do without intermediaries in such an investment.

What stocks can you invest in without a broker?

As I have already answered, in the usual sense, investing in stock carried out exclusively through brokers. But I didn’t say in vain in the usual, because the whole point is that this rule is present only in the case of an early acquisition of shares, that is, when buying with the aim of selling as soon as possible at the first price increase, so this will be a way to make quick money.

But in the case of long-term investments, shares can be purchased without the help of brokers. Of course, we are not talking about all shares, but nevertheless, some shares are freely available, and investments can be made directly at the bank.

But here the point is that not all shares can be bought, and long-term investment in securities itself remains a big question. And here the point is not even that the securities may not give a profit, the whole point is in their long-term. So, no one can be sure what the value of even the most promising securities will be in 10-20 years. Therefore, long-term investment without brokers is, of course, possible, but it is difficult to call it something outstanding, and if you have funds, it is better to pay attention to other investment instruments.

And finally, I would like to add that stocks are hardly suitable for long-term and reliable investment, in this case it is better to pay attention to bonds, because they are the most stable tool, and they can also be bought without any intermediary.


As we can see, it is possible to invest without a broker, but you should always pay attention to some nuances. Therefore, with long-term planning, it is worth taking all the risks, because it is with them that the main problem of investing without a broker is connected. But if you want to sell securities as soon as possible, then, unfortunately, you cannot do without a broker and all this bureaucratic routine. Therefore, always weigh the pros and cons in any investment activity.

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